Coral Harbour Development
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Coral Harbour Development

About The Project

Real Estate Developer

  • The Grikitis Group, founded by Alex Grikitis, performs in multi-dimesional projects all around the world. Its success-centric focus drives the company’s investments in markets such as Energy, Real-Estate Development, Healthcare, Media, and Innovative Technology Product Space.
  • The Coral Harbour Project (CHP) is a phased development on approximately 422.48 acres (171 Hectares) of oceanfront land with total of 33,336 linear feet (10,160 meters) of ocean, canal, and lagoon and lake water frontage in the Coral Harbour area of the New Providence Island(Nassau), The Bahamas. It is the last remaining large size privately owned oceanfront tract of undeveloped land in Nassau, which is one of the Caribbean’s most desirable and visited islands where three-quarters of the Bahamas GDP is generated.
  • CHD comprises 2 main development Stages: Stage-1 is developed over three phases on 163- acres peninsula, known as Aquatel: includes the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences and Mega Yatch Marina. Stage-2 is developed on the remaining 259 acres North of Aquatel peninsula: includes Casino & Casino Hotel. CHD is envisioned to become a premier global destination.
  • Time Honored Experience
  • Land Ownership 
  • World-class partnerships
  • Sustainability

Investment Type


  • 150M currently available
  • Equity TBD
  • ROI 32-35%

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