Cobano Preserve, Costa Rica
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Cobano Preserve, Costa Rica

About The Project

Real Estate Development in Costa Rica

  • The “Cóbano Preserve” is a mixed condominium real estate development project. Conceived as a unique business opportunity in Costa Rica, at the level of the use of the natural conditions of a tip of land surrounded by sea, called on the official map sheet as Punta Piedra Amarilla. The property consists of approximately 360 hectares / 889 Acres with a 4,5 km / 2,79 mi length of coastline.
  • The project is divided into 6 zones. Zones 1 to 5 encompass the inland developments for retail and residential properties, hotels, entertainment, and services and includes the 5 stars Edition Hotel & Residences and Banya Tree Hotel.
  • Zone 6, located at the northern side of the property in Tambor Bay, will be the “Tambor Marina” development with Monaco Yacht Club . 
  • Stone Alliance & One World Impact Partners
  • Time Honored Experience
  • Land Ownership
  • World-class partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • One of 5 natural blue zones in the world
  • Water source for development

Investment Type


  • 150M
  • 30% equity
  • ROI 32-35%

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