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We Are

Based in South Florida, with twenty years in the Finance industry, twenty years in the industry of boutique venture capital and alternative investment advisory, a combined thirty years in fundraising experience, we engage in identifying a variety of select Alternative Investment Fund Strategies, curate portfolio of venture capital of direct and co-investment opportunities for Ultra High Net worth clients and family offices, as well as provide investor relations and brand activation services through our unique immersive event production partnership.

We are a team of manifesting generators who make the impossible possible.

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Our Services

Fundraising Consultation

Investor Relations

Brand Activation

Impacting Through


Open source innovations that improve social interaction, guaranteeing & generating trust without the need for third party verifications.


Top innovations that surpass traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services & freedom to all.


Application and innovative systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives.


Environmental technology to conserve nature and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.


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Art & Fashion Events

NFT & Fine Art Auctions

We curate the best art, while presenting it to you uniquely.

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Cyberspacing &Beyond

Learn from the very top global innovators about technological breakthrough worth investing.

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Meditate & Elevate

Indulge your five senses as you journey through our deep meditation practices & connect from within.

One Of A Kind Experience


Art Basel Ultra VIP

Allow our team to escort you to private art viewings at prestine homes and to ultra private parties with celebrities and entertainers.

A Day With The Dalai Lama

Travel to India with a selective few members intimately to meet the venerable Dalai Lama.

Why Us

DRL(the immersive experience branch for Innotech LLC and its associates), has a reach of over 2,000 families around the world, families who represent over $500 Billion USD of assets. In Israel, our partners also produce the largest institutional investment conference–an industry that manages over $1 Trillion worth of assets.